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Dictatorship In A State Of Crisis

In a previous post I mentioned how the world is caught in the battle between intelligence and idiocy. Now let me say something about how this battle will play out and what it entails.

For starters, I see no way out of this conflict. It may not involve war per se, but it will be painful. It will take place sooner or later, like it or not. We’ve reached a point in time that has no room for both approaches. Either the intelligent prevail and life goes go on or the idiots take over and burn everything to a crisp.

Hopefully the approaching clash will be intense enough to crush whatever doesn’t work, making room for improvement. The trick is to leave enough of the infrastructure intact so that tragedy is kept to a minimum. Functionality could be restored that way.

It’s unnerving to speak of conflict in such cold and abstract ways. Yet it’s better to do that than to argue endlessly and with Mediterranean temperament over this, that and the other, going nowhere, or to scream at others from high up North, trying to enforce Sonderwegs on them that don’t work. The coveted result is a functional solution, not an ideal one, period.

Better start over, begin anew.

Call it a Cultural and Economic Restructuring.

This means finding ways for the involved parties to come together in ways that function

This means finding ways for the involved parties to come together in ways that function, be they passionate and temperamental or cold and logical.

Should this not happen of its own accord, our aging and dysfunctional democracy will have to give way to a benevolent dictatorship that will assume control the hard way, dictating Europe’s course through the storm with steadfast determination and resolution.

Yes, I said a dictatorship. You’d be surprised how certain unruly (or over-civil) parts of the world could benefit from such a setup.

First, it would do away with the endless bickering. No more ‘he said she said’ and ‘you started it’ and all that finger pointing and blaming that stalls progress.

Second, it would streamline the process. No more debating ourselves till the cows come home.

Third, it would eliminate doubt and vacillation. Everything will take place swiftly and resolutely.

Fourth, it would make everyone appreciate democracy again. Lose the democratic process and suddenly all those who take it for granted, and those who abuse it, appreciate it anew. Democracy is no longer a given, but a privilege, which we cherish. We’d seek out open society in a democratic manner rather than in a populist and chaotic one.

The trick is for apt and capable individuals take control of the helm. A tall task, I know, which has failed more times than it has succeeded, but when it succeeded, boy, did it pay off. Alexander the Great, Pericles, Caesar, Charlemagne, Peter the Great – all of them prime examples of what is achieved when the right person rises to the top, acting with no limitations or hindrances.

Chances are that this dictatorship will not materialize, at least not in the benevolent and functional form I’m talking about. The world’s fate will instead be decided through the grinding clash between the intelligent and the idiots.

So hold on to your seats. Europe and the USA, if not the entire globe, are bound to get shaky over the next decade. They will bump and grind until what doesn’t work is punched out of existence and the entire system starts functioning again.

Or so one expects.