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Deliver Us From Evil: The Children Are The Real Gods


Children. If one were serious about the story of Christ and the Resurrection, one would focus on the children, the true Gods of this world.

From the moment they are born, children are tended to with unwavering attention. Their every need is met with a devotion reserved only for deities. They are fed, guarded, transported and catered for in ways that leave no doubt as to who’s the boss. They may not have authority, but everything happens in their name, which is as close to divinity as mortals get.

Not to mention the purity. Children are born into this world in a state of divine bliss, untainted by the murkiness of routine. They are sparkling creatures of light, full of innocence, wonder, free from fear and loathing, prejudice and disenchantment. Every day is new to them. They don’t know malice or sorrow. The world is putty in their hands, and they create it and mold it tirelessly, day by day, minute by minute, one wonder at a time, one magical step after the other.

A child’s perspective is entirely divine. Children view the world each day with new eyes, free from the exhaustion and jadedness weighing down adults. They are fresh witnesses to old miracles, engaging with the vibe and luster that eludes their seasoned progenitors. Their innocence rekindles the world, injecting it with the verve necessary to bring out life’s sparkle. In their presence everything sizzles with spirit.

Experience the world next to a child and it is as if you have been reborn.

Children are the true agents of resurrection.