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Debunking The Addiction Myth


‘The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.’ ~ JOHANN HARI

It’s been forty years since the proposition was put forth, examined, corroborated and expanded on. Yet the notion is still greeted as if it’s some sort of epiphany. The data surprise, boggle.

Too many years of hot-air moralism can do that to people. Common sense is disregarded for so long, it seems alien. When rediscovered, it looms unbelievable, elevated and untouchable, miraculous to grasp and retain. Any attempt to reach it echoes with the sound of breakthrough and blasphemy combined.

Yet here it is, common sense, speaking sounder than any dogma ever will.

Not sure whether to shake the head, cry, laugh, or cheer, cheer and share the information until it finally sticks.

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