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Damn Hot Truths

These pesky facts on climate change. So annoyingly factual. This fucking NASA agency, too, probably part of a humongous conspiracy theory. And this video, surely produced by facts people, or alternative alternative-facts people. Crap, every bit of it.

Because, remember folks, if it’s facts, or that phoney alternative-alternative, it ain’t true. Only pure alternative facts, see? The real deal.

Thus spake the prophets of the 21st century, and the people listened with awe, eager to secure their ticket to deliverance, forgetting that the only trials that matter are taking place here, now, and that they, all-knowing as they like appear, all righteous and highhanded, are failing in them across the board.

They have been for a long time.

From the bays of a scorching Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, be mindful of the steaming whirlpools.