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Cracking Down On Dumb Conspiracy Theories

Somebody claimed that flight 175 never flew into the WTC, and a number of people bought it

‘Take a look at this rare video…’ says the commentator in the video below, launching into a conspiracy theory that hinges on two points.

The first is about the ability of an aeroplane to cut through the WTC’s steel-reinforced South Tower. It’s a valid question that hasn’t been resolved yet.

The second is an absurd claim about the video being the work of CGI.

[Note: The video has been taken down]

Apparently the plane passes behind a building that is itself behind the towers, which is an impossible event. This, according to the commentator, is proof that the video was fake and that the aeroplane never flew into the South Tower.

Ignoring the ludicrous leap of assumption for a moment, which in and of itself indicates how flawed the mind of the person making the claim is, let’s focus on the issue at hand. Is the building on the left behind the South Tower or not?

Using logic, one can safely assume it’s not behind the WTC, because if it were, it would have to be a pretty big-ass building. Just look at how huge the arch is.

A few pics of NYC verify the assumption (see article cover pic above). The building is in fact not one but two buildings, and both of them are situated in front of the WTC, or, to be more precise, between the camera and the WTC.

Clearly the plane is doing nothing impossible when its wing disappears behind said buildings as it hurls toward the South Tower.

Here is a sketch to illustrate the point.

And here is a blog post that debunks the theory (click here).

Why mention this? Because the video received 1.6 million hits. Because people believe its crap, and tell others about it, spreading the lie like a disease.

Lies Beget Lies

There’s no doubt in my mind that there was more to 9/11 than meets the eye — stuff happened in a manner the official stories have failed to capture or explain. I’m not sure we ever will.

Nevertheless, it’s our obligation to keep searching for facts, analyzing 9/11 and all such events with a critical mind. We can’t take anything for granted, not in an age of mass information and digital empire.

But claiming that a plane never existed because we’re too lazy and stupid to get off our attention-seeking asses and check the data is not only a waste of everyone’s time, but dangerous. It harms the credibility of anyone involved in exposing the inconsistencies behind 9/11.

Nut jobs of the world and people who listen to them, I beg of you, do some research before opening your mouths. You’re as dangerous as the people you target, and need to be neutralized ASAP. You’re the misinformation virus that makes things worse. If I had the power I would make the lot of you disappear.

Then people would have something truly conspiratorial to talk about.

From your draconian Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.