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CompacTED: Damon Lindelof’s Favorite TEDTalks

This is a new series that puts together several TEDTalks to reveal a certain outlook. Call it an idea cocktail. Because one idea at a time is great – but ideas in tandem are boundless.

Following a thread on Ridley Scott and his upcoming film, Prometheus, featuring the film’s trailer of Peter Weyland’s TEDTalk from the future, I stumbled across Damon Lindelof, writer of Weyland’s speech, in an interview he gave for the TED blog. There he mentioned some of his favorite TEDTalks. I had to take a look. I wanted to see what made him tick. And it gave me an idea.

CompacTED is a series that brings together a number of TED presentations in one post. These presentations are drawn from someone’s favorite TEDTalks list, like in this case.

Or they’re random TEDTalks put together, under an arbitrary title or banner, to investigate a given theme.

In the inaugural piece in this series, here are three of Damon Lindelof’s favorite TEDTalks to get an idea of what tickles his fancy.

  1. Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, author and speaker, presents how creativity is something that is “educated out of people” as they grow older.

He also shares stories on how creativity could be tapped and encouraged, starting with the infinite potential of children.

  1. J. J. Abrams: The Mystery Box

J. Abrams, director of Lostand M:I:III, reveals his fascination with mystery, and why he finds it compelling to fill in the blanks.

He also extols the advancement of technology and the democratization of film-making, showing how they do wonders for human creativity.

  1. Paul Nicklen: Tales Of Ice-Bound Wonderland

Paul Nicklen, photographer, shares his work from recent trips to the poles.

He also shares his passion for animals that have more qualities than meets the eye, which one would see if one were to spend some time with them, giving them the chance to reveal their true colors.

There you have it. These presentations offer valuable insight, while at the same time revealing some of the elements that fuel the mind of an accomplished screenwriter-producer. Watching all three of them, their thoughts and insights shaken and stirred in one serving, creates one powerful, signature tonic.

Dear friends, the Idea Bar is open.

Cocktail of the day: Damon Lindelof – CompacTED!