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Comfort Vs Intelligence

Some may call this an idiotic feat. Others may consider it foolish but admirable. Whatever the case, woe’s me if there is even one person among this group who doesn’t know the drill, or who decides to move out of sync when they’re not supposed to.

The greatest threat to life is idiocy. It undermines achievement, making a total mess of things in the long run.

Here’s how. Idiots are unable to play the game, whatever it is, undermining every effort to get something good going around them. They’re a constant danger not only to themselves but also to others.

Thus they’re either thrown out of the game, or treated as lackeys, at best, should they be allowed near it.

And this is how it should be. Idiocy is degenerative, contagious, and crippling. Given a chance, or a free reign, it could envelop the world. We’d all be stuck in outdated, unsustainable modes of living, circling oblivion’s drain.

So let idiocy be razed, crushed and discarded, wherever it is, so that the world may move forward. In a few years’ time, if all goes well, everyone will be standing on the solid foundations of a life rendered fit to move forward. We’ll be grateful for the reforms made and the changes applied.

Should these changes not materialize, then idiocy will have prevailed. We’ll be very, very sorry, regretting the moment we chose comfort over intelligence.