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Coconut Crab: The Largest Land-Living Arthropod On Earth

Birgus Latro Coconut Crab on its dinner in Niue (from

There are crabs and there are crabs. The Palm Thief is one you’ll never forget…

The coconut crab AKA the robber crab or palm thief, is the largest land-living arthropod on earth.

It can weigh up to four kilos and can reach a leg span of up to one meter.

It can’t survive in the water for long (it can’t breathe underwater) but it has one hell of an armor plate, and a tremendous grip. Coconuts have been known to give way to its claws. Palms have known to disappear in its wake (not sure whether this refers to the plant type, or those with the five digits).

Birgus Latro Coconut Crab — Diego Garcia (Chagos Archipelago), British Indian Ocean Territory (pic by Drew Avery)

If you see one, don’t pet it. Give it a broomstick to bite on and drag it away.

Still image from Epic Wildlife documentary

Yes, they’re that huge!

No, you’re not dreaming — unless you’re not in the tropics and just saw one in your bedroom. Then I’d call the doctor, or lay off the booze.

Or stop leaving the steroids next to the bath drain.