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Catch-22 Crisis: Who, Me? – Part 4 of 5

This article follows on from Part 3: The Toxic Trace

When movies like Catch-22 start making sense on more than one levels, it’s time to wake up and own up to things…

Unaccountability. Children’s favorite attitude.

Me? I didn’t do anything! It was Jimmy! It was Tammy! It was anyone but me!

Cute, but not that cute. It’s the sign of spoiled brats, a kind of behavior we don’t tolerate, eager to correct it before it sets it, becomes a habit. Don’t lie, Frankie, didn’t I tell you lying is bad? Be honest, own up to your actions! Take responsibility for what you’ve done! Be an adult!

It’s funny how the world’s politicians have regressed. Just like children, they point the finger to the next person, crying foul game.

How did we end up here, led by spoiled brats?

The same goes for the world’s banks. They blame the speculators, or the bad speculators, all the greedy people who want to own houses without paying for them. (Point?)

The people respond by blaming the banks and the politicians for not protecting them, for making it easier for everyone to borrow beyond their means. The rational among us say this is ridiculous, individuals ought to be responsible for their actions; if someone took out a $200,000 mortgage without being able to pay for it, it’s his or her fault, not anyone else’s.

Other rational people disagree. Hold on, they say, it’s easy to judge those who are down on their luck and desperate for a better life, for a chance to break through. When striving to make it, giving it your all, and a lifeline appears, you don’t sit around and analyze it. You grab it, and hope it holds.

If the lifeline is worn out, or a trap, one needs to punish the perp.

And on goes the blaming game, in a big bane of unaccountability.

Here’s what people who don’t own up to their actions and responsibilities look and sound like. You be the judge whether this is satire or reality.