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Catch-22 Crisis: The Cotton-tative Loop Of Crazies – Part 5 of 5

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This article follows on from Part 4: Who, Me?

When movies like Catch-22 start making sense on more than one levels, it’s time to wake up and look at the dead economy, the cotton-tative easing, the cherry pickers, and the crazy crazy loop…

The fifth episode in this series deals with the aftermath…

The aftermath is where everything is judged and made sense of. Where the next moves are decided, the economic crisis notwithstanding, nonsensical as things may be.

See, in the wake of financial mayhem, the rule book is tossed out the window and the world looks a little crazy. With people and businesses getting hit all over, and buckling, and with nations reeling and rumbling, one hopes everyone is holding on tight until the madness subsides.

Until it does, things are as follows:

  • Those who’ve lost their savings or homes, knocked out cold, ask for redemption.
  • Those in power don’t care. They ‘re out of touch, unaccountable, eager to fix things through quantitative easing.
  • Those who do the dirty work, the front and middle men of the operation AKA the hitmen and scapegoats, try to clean up the mess, unable to say or do anything of substance.
  • Those who see what’s going on would like to help, make things right, but no one’s listening, so they watch from the sidelines, disheartened and exposed.
  • Those who’ve invested in the folly are desperate for it to continue in order to seal their deals, at whatever cost.
  • Those caught in the crossfire wonder what the hell’s going on, and how they ended up so fiddly-diddly crazy.

There you have it, the state of the world in the aftermath of financial mayhem. The loop is complete, we’re right back where we started, with the realization that we’re all crazy. We must be. Because we don’t know how to stay alive. That is the secret of life!

You be the judge whether this is satire or reality…