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Brexit: When Laughing Hyenas Ambushed A Lion

hyena lion

Nigel Farage was spotted out and about the other day sporting a new accessory. He was dressed in the latest Ferali Exchange skins and was reportedly en route to the Sniggerin’ 30s, a recently revamped country club.

Strangely enough some people mistook Farage for Michael Gove. We are not sure why, as the two look nothing alike, though both figures have been known to favor similar fashion-ware lately.

Lions around the world were not impressed.

This is a developing story.


UPDATE 04 July:

Nigel Farage has resigned his Ukip post. His resignation is one of many ricking Britain’s political scene.

Lions around the world were still not impressed. ‘Those dastardly hyenas will pay,’ they stated at high noon before a confounded bush.

This is a developing story.


UPDATE 12 July:

The entire Leave campaign has gone back in hiding, having achieved nothing except a reshuffling of the Tory Party and the complete humiliation of their cause. Britain, steeped in economic uncertainty, will be in the hands of an unelected administration on Wednesday, an administration made up chiefly of Remain campaigners, and the ones laughing the loudest are Theresa May and her colleagues, though they’re not really laughing. More like sneering. No one can really laugh at such times, except Nigel Farage, who’s faraged off to the Cotswolds, or the Midlands, or something like that, looking for his runaway life.