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Brexit: May The Farce Be With Us


The racists. Crawling out of the woodwork across Britain — and not only — they’re interpreting the Leave victory as the beginning of a new era where they can abuse and attack people based on their color, ethnicity, religion, accent, or garb.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the EU is demanding that the UK act ‘Now!’ and ‘Get it over with. Invoke Article 50 and start Exit procedures right away,’ as if the 27 and their representatives have a say in how Britain is going to handle its internal affairs. As if the way to deal with this mother of a crisis is to apply more pressure to it, corroborating the image that made Britons in their majority turn their back on the EU in the first place.

Back in Britain, Ukip is gleefully silent, happy to watch the major parties scramble and shrink, and Labour activists across the country want their disingenuous Corbyn leader to stay in office because hardline leftism seems to be in fad. Yeah, good luck with that, comrades. Tovarishch!

Also there’s a British MP somewhere in the fray who insists that the referendum is advisory and not legally binding, and he may be right. Urging Parliament to not act on the vote is now part of the conversation, though not very likely. If you look at the EU’s latest summit, the British were not invited to the table. For the first time in forty years Britain was absent from the top echelons of Europe, and will continue to be so for a time to come. Brexit has begun, if not de jure, then de facto.

Back in Britain, on the ground, across all parties, millions of people are happy to be rid of the high-handed, unelected officials of the EU, and yet the unelected House of Lords continues to play its major role in the UK. Will British citizens slap their barons in the face, too, in due course, just as they did the Bureaucrats/Eurocrats of Brussels and Strasbourg, and will it feel as good? Can there ever be a future for direct democracy in this country — and the world at large — or is this just an overreaction, a lashing out against one body of unelected officials in favor of another body of unelected officials AKA ‘our’ officials, our ‘Lords’ (hahaha, this is genial!) If so, proceed with caution. Direct democracy is as much a utopia as communism and monarchy. Only the Swiss have pulled direct democracy off, for now, and that’s because the Swiss are aliens. So don’t get your hopes up.

As for the UK, it just lost its triple AAA credit rating — cheerio! — and the pound has whooshed down a Super G slope with its arms flailing (ahoohoohooeeyyy), now resting at the middle station, ready for perhaps another go, and the markets have settled and even recovered a little after crashing an epic 10%, and so will the money markets, settle, but until they do there seems to be total confusion and uncertainty, as if the only plan in place was to throw a grandificent tantrum and worry about the repercussions later, a la — yes, you guessed it — your favorite hotel, Fawlty Towers.

Yes, life has imitated art, maybe even inspired it. And not just any art, but farce of the highest quality.

Let no one say greatness wasn’t involved in this affair.

From your Farty Towels Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.