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Brexit: Britain’s First Unelected Female Prime Minister And A World Gone Crazy

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So the people of Britain voted to leave the EU’s entitled and unelected setup only to end up with an unelected Prime Minister, for whom only the ruling party would have voted — through a limited election at that. And then everyone dropped out of the Tory leadership race and the party election got scrapped and Britain got stuck with a leader through mere default.

Let’s put it this way. British voters told the unelected Brussels officials to piss off so they could allow their country to get on with the job in a manner befitting its great democracy, the first point of order being to revert to a body of unelected Westminster officials, all the while the House of Lords watched from the side, chuckling silently in the background, or should we say, from the tall summit.

Yes, this pretty much sums up the ludicrousness of today’s politics, not just in Britain but around the world.

Take Russia, for example, where Putin is not fighting a war in Ukraine while fighting a war in Ukraine.

Take China, where communist party capitalism is the ruling system, and where the government owns most of the US debt. Insane, right?

Take the Middle East where the USA is fighting against ISIS, a group reportedly funded during its embryonic stages by the CIA, and which is armed with US equipment, among others, and which is funded by the Saudis, of all countries, who are US allies, and who are sworn enemies of Iran, notorious enemies of the US, yet Iran opposes ISIS alongside the USA and Russia, a Russia hell bent on compromising the USA in a manner reminiscent of the Cold War while at the same time opposing the US-hating ISIS.

Meanwhile in the USA proper the democratic frontrunner for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, is under suspicion of perjury, yet she won’t be indicted because she’s super-connected. On the verge of making history as the first American female president (as if gender, race, or religion matter more than a person’s ability to administer in any given position), Clinton represents the best possible choice in the political race for the presidency because, you know, Sanders and Trump, not to mention a bunch of other crazies-tools-wetrags.

Yep, that’s how poor and farcical the US political scene is.

Speaking of farce, the socialist government in France is a most hawkish, interventionist government responsible for some pretty hardass, tough line policies, both domestic and foreign, trumping all European administrations on that front. It doesn’t mean much, sure, things change at the drop of a dime these days. Tomorrow it could be Ireland or Sweden waking up hawkish as fuck and hell bent on invading Greenland to battle herds of rabid reindeer funded by EEA Norwegians and a cohort of snow-loving Sicilians, you just never know.

Speaking of batshit crazy, the recently elected nationalist government in Poland has decided to imitate Soviet-style propaganda, misquoting Obama’s recent comments on Poland, breaking every rule of journalism there is, screwing freedom of the press big time because Poland has decided it’s had enough with freedom. It wants to return to the glory days of getting shafted by thugs and lunatics.

Crazy enough for you?

Watch this space for Part 2

From your parody-loving Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.


PS – Labour has called for a snap election. Labour! With its leadership fiasco and Frasier-style shenanigans (without the charm). The proper reaction to Labour’s indignation is LOL, but it really should be SOB and CRY and WTF, or, as the departing Prime Minister put it a couple of weeks ago, Shut the fuck up and change your leadership because even though you’re a godsend for the Tory party, you’re a disaster.