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Brexit: An Atrocious Week

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After Leave’s major major champions were nowhere to be seen for two days, followed by a week of scrambling that made the Balkans look like the epitome of organization — and irony a fixture in human affairs — the victorious Leave campaigners have scaled back every promise they made, exposing the lies underscoring their campaign arguments.

Namely, Leave campaigners are now talking ‘single market access,’ while having trouble allocating the extra 350 million they have purportedly saved. To top it all off, they’re embracing the BOE Governor’s comments, a person they were dissing like the plague all this time (he IS a Goldman Sachs mole after all, so the loathing wasn’t totally undeserved) but one thing is for certain: the U-turns and flip-flopping only reveal the extent to which the Leave campaign was based on gross inaccuracies and lies.

On the other hand, the Remain government, who are in power only until their replacement steps in, are blustering on about ‘resolve’ and ‘positions of strength,’ trying to salvage the situation and prevent the tumbling markets from tumbling any further. Lo and behold, the markets eased. They’s stopped tumbling, they ‘ave, but not because Britain’s economy is strong but because they’s opportunity in the crisis. The uncertainty remains, luv, and so’s an open bottom. As long as no Exit plan is implemented, let alone tried, tested, and calibrated, it’s tits up and stocks down, it is. There you go.

And David Cameron, the Prime Minister. Soon to stand down — which is quite the predicament; he’s probably the best of the lot, and his qualities will show when the stand-ins step up to lead the way — Cameron is beating the drum for a Britain with a European destiny and identity, a country that must ascertain its new course as a go-it-alone nation among friends and neighbors, which is kind of an insult to injury, me thinks. It’s too soon to invoke Britain’s ties with its neighbors, or talk about a common but ‘tweaked’ destiny. Let time sort that out.

Still, the soon-to-stand-down Prime Minister says what he says with a smile on his face and a certain chipperness about him because he’s relatively ok in the process. There are others far worse off than him, like his opposition counterpart Jeremy Corbyn, who is having an atrocious week.

The Labour party! Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. What a disaster! A week of daggers for them. Ides of March, and rightfully so. High-ranking Labour officials have realized that their leader didn’t pull his weight in the Remain campaign, in fact, he may have undermined it, causing Labor strongholds to vote against the official party line.

(Anyone noticed how Remain sounds a little like Romain, which is close to Roman, which was the first pan-European culture, and from which the name Romania was derived, a favorite target for Farage’s hate-filled Leave campaign, which sounds almost like Love [for one’s country], but isn’t?)

Anyway, back to the choleric Labour Party. Frustrated at Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of leadership and his curious ‘je m’en fous’ attitude (he’s been behaving like a teenager ever since he took charge), they are now calling for him to step down. Fifty of his colleagues have resigned their positions — fifty shades of grey prospects — placing a vote of no confidence in him, and he’s responded by telling them to piss off, that he’ll stand for party election again.

Talk about playing rough. Corbyn, you maniac, you!

The Scots, on the other hand, are making their voices and votes heard. ‘We voted to Remain, we didn’t let Europe down. Don’t let US down!’ they shout across Europe, insisting they want to remain European, whatever that means in the wake of this mess. Referendum, maybe? How about a special relationship with the UK, Scotland being part of a non-EU Great Britain while at the same time retaining Scottish membership in the EU i.e. the best of both worlds for Scotland, which the British who voted Leave will surely understand. If they don’t, then Scots can start shouting ‘hypocrites!’ or ‘how do you like them fingers now!’

As for the Lib Dems, well, who cares?

From your frightfully unamused Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.