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Brexit: Alice In Wonderland

alice and tweedle

Today’s mood in Britain: as confounding as ever. Jeremy Corbyn has finally decided to speak up (why he was absent throughout the Remain campaign is anyone’s guess) irritating those who are facing the fallout. Meanwhile David Cameron is exhibiting remarkable resilience. Some insist on calling him a pig-fucker behind his back, on social media etc, but so are all of us, pig-fuckers, so let’s just drop it, shall we?

On a more serious note, Britain’s political scene apparently resembles Alice in Wonderland. It’s all happening in and around Westminster, so we’re keeping an eye out for the Mad Hatter (Boris, where are you?), the Cheshire Cat (Farage, anyone?), the Red Queen (Corbyn’s replacement?), the Caterpillar (Who R U? said the press to today’s Labour bench), Tweedledum and Tweedledee (please don’t let it be Theresa May or Boris Johnson, but out of the two I’d prefer Boris, and that says everything I want to say about Theresa May), and the scrambling rabbit (we’re late, we’re late…) and there you have it, ladies and gentletwerps. Alice in Byeland, or, to be more precise, Westminster in Wonderland.


From your porcupine-state-of-mind Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, run along.