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Brexit: A New Flag? – Part 1


And so, here we are. Britain has rejected the EU for the wrong reasons with the support of a xenophobic, bigoted, ignorant and naive base of voters rising in the wake of a failed mainstream. Hardly a step forward, or in the right direction — more like a headless chicken move — Brexit could set the stage for an even bigger mess down the line.

To be honest, I expected Greece or Hungary to be the ones to crack the desiccated EU shell; Poland, Slovakia — countries already in the grip of political extremism.

Looking back, though, after the fact of Brexit, all signs pointed to Great Britain. It’s always the crestfallen superpowers that piss on the rug, at least that’s how it’s been for the last two centuries in the nation-state era. Supernations-cum-regular states with an agenda, hungry to restore their dominion by way of (re)claiming greater sovereignty, influence, or both, are all too eager to rip the status quo apart with a vengeance. They kick the hornet’s nest, throw stones in glass houses, shove their hands in the honeypot and throw shit right, left and center, hitting the fan, come what may.

More importantly, they piss on the rule book, kick-starting processes that have contagion written all over them.

It happened in broken Germany after the Great War in the name of a fresh Reich.

It happened in small and almost non-existent Serbia in the early 20th century in the name of a Greater Serbia.

It happened in a decaying Ottoman Empire round about the same time the Serbs were dreaming up grand resurrections.

It happened in the starving Bolshevik Russia on the backdrop of Czarist Russia.

It happened in Republican France at the end of the 17th century and was repeated in Imperial France in the 18th century in the name of Frankish gall and Gallic panache.

Germany, Serbia, France, Russia, the Ottomans — great powers, all of them, at one point in history. Deflated over time, spent, broken, decadent, weak, and broke, and itching to lash out from their hospices, they stoked up dreams of celebrity and resurgence. Dying to restore their former glory, they unleashed turmoil of a kind that shook the entire world.

The same process is currently in effect in the UK by way of Ukip and Boris Johnson, and the USA is following suit (isn’t irony something?) care of Donald Trump and Co. come November. The Anglo-American world is descending into populist isolationist dystopia, fast.

V for Vendetta, anyone?

From your disturbingly extrapolative Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

Watch this space for Part 2