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Brexit: A Grand Illusion

lion city

‘What Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson imagine themselves to be.’

A caption that pretty much sums up this week, and year, and past decade, if not the decades before that. It was all gradually coming to this, building up in waves. A grand illusion of global proportions.

What they actually are, Farage and Johnson and their ilk, are the reverse; not the noble lion at the edge of its habitat watching the big fat high-handed city encroaching in on it. They’re the city themselves, in their own way, the dirty, sprawling, vile tumor of an organization that keeps growing and spreading across the globe at the expense of civility and grace. Using highly toxic material proved unworthy of consumption a long time ago, they add their poisonous two-bits to the greater ectoplasm of humanity, bearing down on life on Earth with murderous ease. Like all humans, they imagine themselves to be the cure, when what they really are is naught but part of the greater problem, adding insult to injury.

As if injury wasn’t bad enough.

From your exceedingly antiseptic Spin Doctor

in conjunction with EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE

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