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Boris And The Erdogan Limerick


Say what we will about Boris, he does have a way with words — sometimes — in this case bouncing off an ominous trap door in both Turkey and Germany regarding free speech. Turkey, of course, we knew about all along. Not exactly fertile ground for openly expressing oneself and speaking one’s mind, not against the powers that be anyway, certainly not critically or with humor. But Germany? In 2016? Taking to court a poet for a farcical poem that offended a (foreign) head of state? [shuddering of the shoulders and a little gag reflex.]…/german-comedian-could-face-fi…/

Fittingly enough, a competition was declared in Britain (can’t argue with British sarcasm and bellicosity) asking for poems to insult said head of state, His Insultedness, Turkish President Erdogan, which resulted in a torrent of rhymes slapping the livid Turkish head across the face, and the winner was none other than ex-Mayor of London Boris Johnson, now Foreign Secretary, with a limerick titled

To A Turkish President

which starts like this:

‘There was a young fellow from Ankara …’

This is going to be rich. Stay tuned for juicy developments over the coming weeks and months. At some point or other these two fellows will have to meet up. I wonder what they will say to each other. I have a feeling it will involve oats, goats, straw and damnation before moving on to finer or coarser business.…/boris-johnson-wins-the-spec…/

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