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Bill Hicks On Waco, Religious Fundamentalists And The State

Bill Hicks was an outspoken comedian, who did a wonderful number on the world’s pretentiousness. If you are easily offended, stay away from his material …

Good evening! This is your Random Truth (RANT) bulletin with your random report. Today’s topic:

Bill Hicks! Here he is, being Bill Hicks, blending comedy and inflammatory social commentary in a cocktail of rage and cigarette smoke that was as revealing and insightful as it was hazardous to his health — mostly for the outspoken parts (Click here for the clip.)

Yet his words still resonate, as does his comedy, the crux of which was based on a truth unabashed. So what if the good guys are shot down, while the demons are left to run amok, as he notoriously put it? Truth, pure, unadulterated truth, was worth every assassination suffered by everyone willing to voice his or her mind regardless of public opinion.

Well, he spoke (for) the truth. He spoke for it and lived by it and died for it and because of it. And now he is remembered by it.
Because he was a man, not an echo.

Because he had nothing to lose except a life among echoes pretending to be doing the right thing, when all they were achieving was offering themselves as walls for monsters to bounce their ideas off.

Well, he had no patience for that stuff. He called them out for it. He threw their scripts out the window and came up with statements so outrageous, it made people’s skin crawl.