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Behind The Mirror: The First Nine Days

Behind The Mirror has been in production for a week and a half now. Nine long days on set, during which we have covered some pretty important scenes.

We got the 4th of July section, for example. which was tricky, given the fact we shot it at the end of September.


We also got plenty of ‘summer’ exteriors for the July sequences of the movie, leaving the interiors for later.

Thank goodness for evergreen trees and leaf blowers.


We got some pretty key scenes out by the forest. They involved a shaman, a city slicker, and some gorgeous nature. More on that in a couple of weeks.

Back to the 4th of July. We had a band play on set. Johnny Moon and Starz performed live by the Athens Riverfront Park. Their song, Stepping Out Of The Shadows, was written specifically for the movie. They nailed it, both thematically and performance-wise. I can’t post it now, but it kicks serious butt, I assure you.

Tomorrow and the day after two important sequences are being shot. One is at a garden bar, the other at a church. They involve plenty of extras on set. Organization and coordination are going to be critical.

So’s the weather. We need dry conditions to get these shots.

We’ll see soon enough.

Watch this space for more.

Greetings from the other side!