Visit Pearl Coast to catch a break from daily stress and routine. Its reflections will dazzle and inspire you. It will make your days brighter and your nights magical.

Basking In The Sun

One little cloud frolics along the open sky. Where go you, little cloud? Are you lost? I’m not lost, replies the cloud. I’m just taking in the light before the sun goes away and I turn into a shadow.

And this is how we found out that no matter their color or size or disposition in the daytime, at nighttime clouds suffer an identity crisis. Of course, some of them enjoy the stealth of the night sky. They snooze in the background, or play in the dark, letting the night take the blame for the lack of light, the rain, the tightening of space.

But not this little cloud. This little cloud is happy to see and be seen in the glow of the setting sun.

Brave little cloud.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Dive in crystal waters, find a shiny pearl.