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Bad Development

Business has taken over. We’re fueling it, and justifiably so, because it spurs development and growth. Humanity is better off for it, benefitting from the progressive and innovative practice.

Still, it’s not all roses. Business gets out of hand. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy that leads to self-defeating strategies. We get carried away, caught up in the process, not seeing the wood for the trees and missing the bigger picture. Serving the market for the sake of serving the market serves the market, first and foremost, and not society at large. Business for the sake of business serves business and businesspeople. Yes, it gives rise to good fortune, and sometimes does so in a sustainable manner, which is great. It promotes innovation and development, opportunity for growth.

In the process, it also squelches and crushes, strangles and destroys, laying waste to swathes of lands, leaving entire people bereft.

To round off this caveat, let me just say that the market is a wide and complex field, made up of interconnected but distinct areas. The internet is fundamentally different to retail trade, say, or real estate, or social infrastructure at large. Separate fields are governed by separate rules. But they’re all interconnected, one malfunction spilling over into adjacent fields.

Also, they have one thing in common: when monopolized and capitalized on over-aggressively, they lose their innovation return. And that, no matter how we spin it, is never a good development.