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Baby It’s Cold Outside (AKA You Ain’t Going Nowhere?)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: a male-female duet originally performed by Dean Martin and Doris Day, which, as Conan O’Brien pointed out in a recent show, carries a disturbing message.

Centering around a woman who wants to go home and a guy who won’t let her leave, it’s downright creepy, if not code for harassment/rape.

What the hell am I talking about? Take a look at the lyrics for yourself. Note: this version is sung by Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting.

Note 2: first come the man’s lines, followed by the woman’s. My own translation is in [xyz].

MAN: I really can’t stay

WOMAN: Baby it’s cold outside
 I’ve got to go away [I want to leave] 

M: Baby it’s cold outside [stay]

W: This evening has been

M: Been hoping that you’d drop in

W: So very nice [thanks but no thanks] 

M: I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice [this is me manhandling you]

W: My mother will start to worry [I gotta go] 

M: Beautiful, what’s your hurry? [stay]

W: Father will be pacing the floor [I gotta go] 

M: Listen to the fireplace roar [I’m really turned on]

W: So really I’d better scurry [I don’t want to stay!] 

M: Beautiful, please don’t hurry [we ain’t done yet!]

W: Maybe just a half a drink more [I can’t think straight] 

M: Put some records on while I pour [we’re just getting started]

W: The neighbors might think [people will find out] 

M: Baby, it’s bad out there [no one’s going to see]

W: Say, what’s in this drink? [you spiked my fucking drink!] 

M: No cabs to be had out there [yep, and by the way, you’re stranded!]

W: I wish I knew how

M: Your eyes are like starlight now

W: To break this spell [I’m drunk and helpless] 

M I’ll take your hat, your hair looks swell [this is me taking your clothes off]

W: I ought to say no, no, no [stop it!] 

M: Mind if I move in closer? [let’s do this!]

W: At least I’m gonna say that I tried [I can’t fend you off!] 

M: What’s the sense in hurting my pride? [don’t resist!]

W: I really can’t stay [let me go!] 

M: Baby don’t hold out [stop resisting!] Ah, but it’s cold outside

W: I’ve got to get home [you bastard!] 

M: Oh, baby, you’ll freeze out there [blah blah!]

W: Say, lend me your coat [I’m vulnerable and hurting] 

M: It’s up to your knees out there [no one will help you]

W: You’ve really been grand [you’ve hurt me] 

M: I thrill when you touch my hair [I had a good time!]

W: Why don’t you see

M: How can you do this thing to me?

W: There’s bound to be talk tomorrow [I’ll report you] 

M: Think of my life long sorrow [don’t]

W: At least there will be plenty implied [even if you shut me up, people will know what you did] 

M: If you caught pneumonia and died [one word and you’re dead]

W: I really can’t stay [I gotta go] 

M: Get over that hold out [get over it, let’s do it again]

W: Ah, but it’s cold outside

Oh, baby, it’s cold outside
 Oh, baby, it’s cold outside

Freaked out yet?