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Awesome Black And White Pictures In Color

You’d think that some black and white images were better left untouched. Not these pictures.

Remember those lists of old, inspiring pics from back when things were still in black and white? They just got colorized, and they look amazing.

Here are fourteen of them in somewhat particular order.

Bobby, Ted and Jack Kennedy outside the Oval Office (for more, click here)

Sophia Loren and Jane Manseld (for more, click here)

Boxers Ray Campbell and Dick Hyland mean business (for more, click here)

Louis Armstrong serenading his wife Lucille (for more, click here)

Hollywood star Liz Taylor (for more, click here)

Silent black and white movie icon Charlie Chaplin (for more, click here)

David Rothman and Albert Einstein on Long Island beach, 3/17/1939 (for more, click here)

Gordonton, North Carolina, 1939, when black and white was more than just a picture format (for more, click here)

Transcendental poet Walt Whitman (for more, click here)

Hollywood star, sex icon and presidential paramour (or was she?) Marylin Monroe (for more, click here)

Lee Harvey Oswald in custody after JFK’s assassination in 1963 (for more, click here)

Ice-women on the job, 1918 (for more, click here)

Detective Allan Pinkerton, US president Abraham Lincoln and Major General McClernand, Antietam,1862 (for more, click here)

Suspense master Alfred ‘Hitch’ Hitchcock (for more, click here)

For the full list of images, click here.