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Attack Of The Drones


‘North Dakota becomes the first US state to legalise use of armed drones by police.’ ~ Natives News

And so it begins. Slowly, unnoticeably, unintentionally and incidentally. The weaponization of drones and the expansion of the military-industrial complex through its latest acquisition, the various police forces around the US, if not the world.

And so it goes. The republic remains a republic in name, when the raw reality is that — well, the signs are everywhere. Read them. Oh, and this little tidbit of news is a reminder that the devolution of the republic sometimes happens not through a major political player gone insane, a republican gone imperial (US 2016 Elections meets Star Wars — so many hints!), but through the sheer application of technology and progress.

It’s how it goes. If you build it, it will run (away from you). Armies of drones, clones, armies wherever you look. Soon everything looks like a battlefield, and you are either with the army or with another army.

If you’re not part of an army, you’re so very screwed.

So. The complex grows. If you build it, you have to live with it. You have to be able to take it. Sooner or later it will take you, of course, you and everything you have.

See, buildings have their own mass and agenda, their own architecture and effect, and so do engineering works, and so do organizations in general.

Many among us will point their fingers at technology itself, at progress at large. They will rush to ban technology, as much of it as they can, branding it the root of all evil.

A pedestrian approach. It will solve nothing, least of all the perils of militarism. Technology is here to stay, in fact, it’s always been here. There’s no not having it. Technology is the manifestation of living organization, the sine qua non of intelligence. A kind of ‘can’t live with it, can’t live without it’ thing, only it’s more like Can’t live without it, won’t live at all if you’re not strong enough to handle its manifestations and transmutations, taking a few good hits along the way, perhaps even your occasional transition from republic to empire, all those bumpy little turns en route to the next iteration, all those bug-ridden intermediary turns that give rise to the Rebellion, to a new cause and vision for the world at large. A new set of choices. A new model of civilization. A new hope.

Like I said, Star Wars Universe . . . so many hints!

From a Spin Doctor far, far away, and with Wake Of Liberty in mind, and the aid of EON,

Eyes open, mind sharp,

And watch this space for more.

PS – Senator Palpatine wasn’t Jabba the Hutt. He was a career politician with a flair for saying all the right things. Food for thought.