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Athens: From Democracy To Hemlock – 1. Flash Of Inspiration


Note: this post was based on ten YouTube clips, which have been taken down since then. The post corresponds to roughly one-tenth-length of the series.

Demanding freedom from centuries of oppression – Flash of inspiration – On the path to empire – A society turned against itself – No part nor share in anything – An unlikely land – Spartans, a threat on the horizon – The greatness a person could achieve – Stories, tales and myths – At the heart lie the heroes

Athens. A small settlement in an unlikely land, it rises against tyranny gone wrong, forming the first democracy on earth…

In this first episode on open society’s rise, we see the thoughts and ideals that drove the individuals behind this revolutionary approach to thought and governance.

From the phenomenal Atlantic Productions Documentary Series, Greeks: Crucible of Civilisation

Narrator: Liam Neeson

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