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Artificial Intelligence Is Much Smarter Than Einstein

The end of humanity is written in the data, and the data are soberingly incontrovertible.

Finally, someone put it in words that everyone can understand: Artificial Intelligence will be arcanely more apt and intelligent than humans, separating it from all other forms of sentience in ways that resemble the chasm between humans and other primates, and then some.

This is not just an opinion. It’s the product of logic and development combined, spelling out the inevitable demise of the human age, the tail end of which we are now experiencing.

In a nutshell, the data point toward a new beginning, heralding one of two possible outcomes:

  1. The demotion of the human to gorilla, or
  2. The creation of a meta-human Bio-AI interface.

Either way, humanity is history, and not a moment too soon.

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