Feeling agitated or adventurous? Enter Tornado Country to witness the fury of Spin Doctor as he analyses the ins and outs of the modern world, tears down old preconceptions, and glimpses into history with an eye on the future.

Antarctica Is Bleeding


Antarctica is breaking into water pustules. Like the onset of a progressive disease, the symptoms of climate change are mounting and spreading, the signs evident.

Once upon a time, people refused to believe that the Earth revolved around the sun. They discarded the blatant evidence. They refused to take medicine for their various diseases and chose to pray to invisible gods for a cure. They stuck to a set of dated beliefs despite the data.

Today’s civilization, for all its acumen and knowledge and advanced methodologies of science and polity — is it any better than its misguided predecessors?

Antarctica’s skin is cracked, and it’s bleeding water.

Make of it what you will.

From your annoyingly observational and extrapolative Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.


PS – Now here’s Tom with the weather …