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A Starling Performance – On Idyllic Backdrops

Paul McGreevy is an amateur photographer who specializes in the great outdoors. His images capture the mood and soul of an array of landscapes and locations, bringing to light soulful and idyllic moments in time, including this, a rare moment in the sky that depicts how whimsical life on earth is.

Note: To see video footage of starlings in the wild, click here.

Starlings form the shape of a whale chasing a dolphin (source: Paul McGreevy,Flickr)
A farmhouse in Buttermere (source: Paul McGreevy, Flickr)
First light (source: Paul McGreevy, Flickr)
In the land of the Monarch Stag (source: Paul McGreevy, Flickr)
Rodel Church in infrared (source: Paul McGreevy, Flickr)
A grey day ends bright and crispy (source: Paul McGreevy, Flickr)

To visit Paul’s Flickr account and see the full range of his pictures, click here.