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A Picture Of Perception


Positive and negative: two forces often associated with creation and destruction, the interplay of which gives rise to the world as we know it.

Creation (positive) is what adds substance to the void.

Destruction (negative) is the great eye opener, the brutal enabler of life and all things worthwhile, giving substance meaning.

You may be wondering, why all the praise for the negative? What makes it so damn useful?

Management. Discernment. Discrimination. Create wantonly and you end up like cancer. An amorphous accumulation piles up and crushes everything under its weight. Destroy nothing at all and you understand nothing whatsoever. You become overwhelmed, losing sight of what’s important, removing yourself from the creative process. You’re no longer part of functional reality, no longer useful, save perhaps as a quaint relic people muse over, or someone else’s punching bag.

Which ironically proves the point:

Your own failure powers the progress of others.

Aphorism time! Let’s go full cerebral this time, illuminating the dark aspects of perception.

The key word is illuminate. What is illumination? A revelation? Maybe, but that’s that? The exposure of something previously unseen? Yes, but what does that mean? How does it come about? What makes something previously unseen appear bright and clear before our eyes?

The answer, unfortunately, is hard to gage and handle, especially if you prefer your life pristine and shiny, straight out of the human morality factory. A mind raised on pasteurized thoughts isn’t able to process these ideas well. It tends to perish in a haze of denial.

Which is just as well for those who can handle the insights. Aware of what’s going on, they always make room for the brainwashed mind, welcoming it, nay, inviting it among themselves. They need it there. Its dim nature traces out the bigger picture, becoming the dark background on which the brighter among them shine.

Those of you with backgrounds in photography, ophthalmology, physics or philosophy are beginning to see where this is going. A picture of perception and social function is being created before you with the aid of visual analogies. The mechanisms of vision are being used to showcase how we create our social galleries.

What are these mechanisms and how do they work?

Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE