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A Pat On The Back: More Wake Of Liberty

il-mwolThe human species is not a paradox. It’s an extension of nature, and nature does two things above all else: come together and fall apart. Simple as that. If you look at anything from a detached viewpoint (in the grand scheme of things it’s the only viewpoint that matters) that’s what nature does. That’s what WE do. Come together and fall apart and come together again, ad infinitum.

First came WAKE OF LIBERTY with its grand sweeping predictions about the state of the world and the direction it was heading in. Kafkaesque in nature but easy to read, serialized and made to suit a wider audience, it was published in Urban Times, an online magazine that specialized in forward thinking.

Sadly the magazine closed down, and with it went the online edition of WAKE OF LIBERTY (and 500 more articles of mine, but that’s another story). It was a setback that turned into an opportunity to revisit the story, edit and rewrite it for future publication.

That’s what I did, and more. With the help of a great team, a new WOL is now underway — has been for some time now — featuring an expanded universe, a host of new characters, a variety of locations and a bunch of subplots and side stories to layer the narrative. There’s also a hero’s journey to knock the air out of every reader. Make that an antihero’s journey. Make that a bunch of journeys by a host of compelling characters, some of whom are based on real life people from the French revolution.

Did we mention that WOL is tied not just to the political/cultural/economic crisis facing the globe today, but also to the growing problems of climate change, limited resources, old world angst, and the environment?

My concern is how dark to make this tale. I’ve decided on a few key twist plots so sumptuously wretched and magnificent at the same time, all based on real events from the French revolution and not only, for good measure, they will make people’s heads spin. Did this happen for real, is what readers will ask, and the answer is, You can’t make this shit up! It’s what the human condition is about, what our civilization was based on, where it sprung up from, the dirty business everyone chooses to forget after the dust settles and a new world is assembled out of the ruins of the old one, it’s all there . . .

Watch this space for Part 6