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A Lie In Every Smile

There’s a lie in every smile.

There’s also a lime.

And something slim.

And a lim. There’s always a lim. And a mil. And a mile.

And plenty of lies — plural — always present in a smile.

In fact, there are loads of ways to interpret facial expressions, emojis included. Communication is complex and tricky.

Be complex and tricky so you won’t be tricked and complexed out. Being mindful of the nuance in behavior, especially on the 2-D screen, online and off, where the cues are even less, may just save you trouble down the line. You can’t leave everything to chance and people’s imagination. There’s a ginn and a gnat in every imagination, thirsty for juicy life force.

There’s also a lie in every line, and people, as a matter of fact, adore lines, drawing them, toeing them, reading between them, blurring them, skewing them — it’s all fair game in the game of communication.

Beware of the smiles and the lines and everything in between — beware of the nils they contain.

It’s a dark well out there.

Also beware of the bear in beware.

It’s a game, a web of war. Take care. Be mindful.

From your socratic Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.

PS – There’s a smile in every lie. 😎