Base Camp is where visitors go to relax, unwind, and get familiar with an anthology of earlier material.

A Dream Grows


When I first started writing, it was just me and my laptop. My aim was to get down on ‘paper’ as much as I could and make something out of it. I had no thoughts on involving other people except my future audience.

But that gradually changed. As the ideas got bigger, stronger and more elaborate, so did my vision of what I was going to do. I needed help to achieve my goals.

So I went out and looked for some.

It took a while to find it. I needed good help, people who thought laterally, willing to adapt to changing circumstances and entertain notions somewhat inconvenient and challenging. My writing dealt with what lay under our noses, close enough to smell but always out of sight. The people helping me would have to be willing to grasp it.

Gav Denman did just that. He read my work before giving me his opinion. He thought things through before speaking. When he spoke, his opinion mattered. His input was useful and valid.

So he came on board, full time, last year, taking care of operations, overseeing web issues, organization, and design.

The ‘eye’ imagery on the site? His idea.

The Eye adorns Wake Of Liberty, too, giving the story dimension.

This week we took another step in the right direction. The Sampsonic Media family just got bigger. Alexandra Lugagne, Sarah-Jane Law, and Kiren Kahlon have joined us, on internship, bringing our core number up to five. The potential just got bigger.

So here we are. Pounding away. Digging through the data of everyday life to find something new to tell you that may perhaps change your life for the better.