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A Broken Course / The Politics Of Shrapnel


The awkward moment when you agree with the people you disagree with.

That awkward moment in time on a Sunday morning when you wake up to a seriously screwed up situation, so screwed up that the leader of the party you never identified with, and a politician of the worst caliber in terms of said party, supports the position you support. The moment when you’re thinking how the hell the Tories, a party you don’t identify with either, but who had taken a more sensible approach to governance in the last ten years or so — how the hell they let this slip; how on Earth they’re not the ones raising hell over access to the single market, warning the public that hard Brexit is out of the question, shifting the blame on the EU’s leviathan — the only way to maintain a sensible position in the wake of their ineptitude and the unfortunate Leave result they themselves brought about. It would be dreadfully opportunistic, but it would at least grab the British center while at the same time pointing at the unsustainable elements surrounding the failed EU approach at large. How on Earth did they miss all that, handing yet another initiative to the extremists, this time the extreme (Corbyn) left?

Oh, wait, maybe it’s because the Tories have turned into extremists themselves — at least the ones currently in charge — with not a clue as to what’s going on and how to draw reasonable policy.

Just like in the US . . . the country firmly caught between a rock and a hard place, bouncing out of the frying pan and into the fire, or, like the saying goes on the island of love, where I come from, from the shit to the turd.

The most frustrating thing: to have your opinions represented by groups and ideologies you don’t identify with.

Clinton, for example, standing up for decency and open society — the highly corrupt, interventionist, business-as-usual Clinton with her war-ridden, Wall-Street pandering, vested-interest history.

And Trump, the supreme douchebag, standing up for an end to NATO overextension and an end to the plague of political correctness; Trump! The disgusting Neanderthal asshole who amde a living being an asshole on TV, now making a stand against business as usual and fucking it all up and making it even worse than it was.

And Bernie Sanders, good old Bernie and his justifiable stance against the super-corrupt establishment, only somewhere along the way he decided to take the Venezuela path of rhetoric, undermining any real reason inherent in the stand against business as usual.

And Jeremy Corbyn, the neo-Marxist, the SYRIZA-ic extreme leftist leader of the Labour Party living in Trotsky-land somewhere inside his porous brain, here he comes, taking a stand against hard Brexit, tainting it with his fanatical rhetoric and more than likely polarizing the situation instead of being conducive to a solution, screwing things up even further.

And the Tories, the good old mean Tories and their policy of sustainable economics, which, lo and behold, made sense. Hard to implement to begin with, not without pain, their austerity policies at least got the ball rolling, steering the country away from the spend-borrow then spend-some-more and borrow-some-more-until-it’s-all-bankrupt policies of New Labour — finally that cycle was stopped in its tracks and something more reasonable was implemented with some success on the economy level . . . but they decided to shaft all that, all down the drain, and Brexit.

Not only that, the Tories also screwed up the entire case against the admittedly screwed up direction the EU has been taking, all the crap we’ve been going through with Greece and Italy and Spain and Germany, the creditors pigs and the periphery PIIGS scrambling themselves into a ham omelette no one can eat, let alone digest, all the unsustainable top-down integration that isn’t integrating properly, the Tories had a chance to expose this debacle, applying leverage to get it straightened out. Instead, they messed it up even further, coming across as equally demented and out of touch, introducing their own ‘sovereign might’ crap and all the micro-political lies on which they based their Leave campaign on. Plus, they rubbed shoulders with UKIP’s bigots, tainting even further the cause against the grand EU fiasco.

And here we are, our beliefs scattered all over the place like a cluster bomb, a little here, a little there, with nothing intact and no way of knowing where to turn because reason has been shattered.

Those in charge who happen to voice some kind of reason do so from unreasonable platforms through dubious means — they’re either pricks or assholes (the terms used very deliberately, since we’re either dealing with people who stick their nose where they shouldn’t, or people who defecate on other people’s parade), and firebrands, zealots who would rather set fire to everything before sitting down and finding reasonable solutions. They’re either rotten and sold, their rot advancing, or fanatical and demented, trying to resurrect dead and bankrupt ideas, socialist and nationalist and all that nonsense. Or they’re the stooges of the establishment, pawns and tools, maybe even establishment big shots themselves, representing business as usual, unwilling to change tack, and here you are, in the middle of it, wondering where on Earth to throw in your lot now that everyone seems to have lost the plot.

Go fucking figure!