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How To Make Our Cities Green

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For millennia architecture’s goal has been to lift humankind from its parochialism and help humans impose themselves over nature (and each other) through structures and monuments that would withstand the test of time.

To a certain extent we have been successful, crafting a solid niche for ourselves inside nature’s bosom. Ironically our success has also been our failure, setting us up for a fallout of epic proportions, one that could be compared to a fall from grace. We are dangerously close to destroying our Eden for good.

If we do, there is nowhere for us to go except underground. Like the Abrahamic protoplasts whose story of Creation encapsulates all the merits and pitfalls of a life in the making, we will be condemned to a life of graceless, torturous existence if we step off the brink. It will take us a long time to restore what was lost, if ever.

Fortunately we are also at a point in time where humankind’s interconnection with nature is understood and appreciated. The global mindset has begun to shift toward integration and complementarity. As a result, architecture’s mission is shifting, too, incorporating the natural world to human construction, technology, and urban affairs, bringing the two worlds together.

It might just be possible to develop our Garden and sustain it, too. If we’re lucky, quick to act, and mindful of both the upside if we succeed and the repercussions if we fail, we might just pull it off.

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