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The LocoMotive is a blogazine for authors, artists and creatives from around the world who bring madness to the method.. a journey into a world seen with fresh eyes.

The content is made up of op-eds and literature — fiction and nonfiction — as well as art, photography and film/music playlists, which are designed to take readers on a journey that satisfies the senses, tapping curiosity and imagination, offering new insight.

Our content is wide and varied, giving a voice to the bold, the critical, the eccentric and weird. We enjoy the polemic as well as the elegiac, flash pieces and longform. We encourage the sharing of hopes, fears, and fantasies. It’s all about the journey and the viewpoints one is willing to entertain en route to one’s destination, whatever it may be..

Our mission is to give a voice to what is often held back, enabling artists to give form to their most interesting ideas. The material should speak for itself.. If it adds to the conversation, offering food for thought, placing things under new light, promoting debate, an exchange of information, ideas, exciting ways of approaching life, the LocoMotive will carry it.

Sometimes we push the boundaries. The results are hard to predict, leading to some very interesting places.

Remember, madness to the method — to the motive. Our way forward.

The LocoMotive stops at eight stations, each of them involving different content. These include:

Base Camp – the archive, where the older material from previous online sites and publications is featured.

Pearl Coast – a station that specializes in short essays and reflections, plus links to news articles.

I-Land – a memoir-style segment where the writing is told from a first-person point of view.

EON’s FeroCity – a station dedicated to EON, son of Time, and Rant HQ.

Poet’s Gorge – our poetry section.

Tornado Country – a station that focuses on the human condition in terms of politics, economics, religion, culture, social issues and psychology.

Playbooth – our playlist station where we share notable movies, music, documentaries, interviews, books etc.

The Observatory – a station open to all kinds of observations and content related to a diverse range of topics.

If you’re tired of the same old stuff and want to experience something fresh and challenging, step right up …

The LocoMotive is going places!