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Under The Microscope: Let It Flow | Let It Grow

(First published in Urban Times on 26th Mar 2012)

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Cambridge University has launched a new video series to mark research into the natural and man-made worlds at the microscopic scale. The series provides incredible and revealing closeups of organs and processes that, to the naked eye, may seem bland but which, in reality, are sophisticated and intriguing.

Eleventh video:  it focuses on the collision of two liquid jells. The fluid structures that arise from it vary in shape and size, providing valuable information regarding fluid dynamics, which affect systems as varied as hydroelectric generators and the ink flow of inkjet printers.

Twelfth video: it depicts brain neural stem cells that have been grown from adult skin cells, laying out an array of uses that can arise from developing such cells in the future, such as personalized cell replacement therapies and drug screening.