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This Hitchcock Movie Is Imperfect And That’s Why It Works

Every once in a while comes a film that delves deep into the intricacies of life, examining humanity with equal scrutiny, from all angles. This is not such a film, and thank goodness for it, because life is not always balanced, moral or ‘objective.’

Lifeboat: a great film, not just because it was experimental and daring in cinematic terms, but also because it didn’t go as deep as it could have. The fact that it was shot during the war forced it to be more black and white (in terms of its message), yielding to a positive-for-the-allies ending. Though this might seem like a disadvantage in terms of art, it’s rather interesting and revealing. In an age of political correctness, where racial stereotyping is a no-no, Lifeboat’s predetermined message is a refreshingly biased perspective that casts light on the complex reality of the human condition, reminding us that objectivity is a subjective approach, part of the ongoing cycle, and that bias is as natural — and sometimes as necessary — as an open mind.

Lifeboat— Alfred Hitchcock

This throws the discussion on the human condition back into the critical mill. No more moral ideology and holier-than-thou teachings. Say hello to good old pragmatism borne out of examining reality not from the established angles of objectivity, but from all angles, including the skewed and biased ones, warts and all.

Sorry ‘objectivists.’ Life is too complex for your grey-only perspective. From color to black and white, to the numerous shades and nuances in between, it takes a little bit of everything for life to come together (or fall apart). This occurs over time, over averaged-out permutations, or in a chain of biased, self-righteous stints. Because life is a mosaic, not smooth sailing down the cross-section of a bell curve.

Remember that when you preach to others what the right way to think and behave is. Remember it when you are crushed by those whose perspectives you have hounded

Because life is a mosaic, not smooth sailing down the cross-section of a bell curve

in the name of objective fairness. Remember it in honor of your ancestors, whose biased and questionable actions enabled your being here to do what you do. You have ridden on their coattails long enough, too long. Give Caesar his dues and stop playing the Virgin Mary. Own up to reality without trying to cheat your way through it. Fail to acknowledge it and you join the mindless and hopeless in the ash pit of history, beneath the mill of time. A new breed of men and women will lead the way, of whom you will not be part. Life will go on without you or your ilk, carried forth by those willing to adjust to the tests of the ages.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE