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The SNL Bubble Skit


SNL: kudos for grilling Donald Trump and that part of the equation, but also for focusing on the other side, too.

And, boy, do they nail it!

This is the world I mostly live in, and this parody reveals why there’s people out there with absolutely no respect for it and anything city-centered, especially anything YUCCIE (seriously, someone has to come up with a new acronym for Young Urban Creatives).

Of course, it’s not all bad, and certainly not as bad as this sketch makes it out to be. But it’s good to look in the mirror once in a while.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, strike a shiny pearl.

PS – Single-mindedness, gerrymandering, availability bias, fundamentalism, groupthink. Never the monopoly of conservatism. Progressiveness, for lack of a better term, is guilty of all of the above. Food for thought.

(We apologise if the video is not available in your country.)