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The Power Of Progress

Progress cannot stand on principle alone. It requires results.

An ad aired during the Super Bowl break in January, advocating freedom of thought.

In a nutshell, its message was: ‘Someone doubts you? Let ’em!’

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Word! Life is too short to waste on other people’s hangups. Especially if their are illogical, fanatical and corrosive.

I Make My Own History…

Believing in yourself and doing what you deem right, despite what others tell you, is both assuring and liberating, be you traditional or liberal. As long as you are true to yourself, following principles that bear constructive results, you are on the right track.

Bearing in mind that the ad was aired by an organization representing atheism, one might say that only those following in the footsteps of non-religious creeds can be truly liberated. Religion is, after all, founded on conjecture and myth, not rational fact.

Logic dictates that there is a purpose to religion when used wisely.

I beg to differ. Being the staunch rationalist that I am, I nevertheless see merit in having faith. I do it because I am a rationalist. Logic dictates that there is a purpose to religion when used wisely.

See, in an age where God is being doubted from all sides, believers can use their good sense to claim a world richer than the dry materialism science inevitably brings about. By falling back on their personal beliefs and common sense, unswayed by what unbelievers think, they may very well be the better off for it. As long as they don’t impose their beliefs on others, they are free to do as they please. They are expected to.

Why? Because logic dictates that everyone needs something to believe in.

Yes, there is reason in faith, if one is reasonable about it.

If one is reasonable about it.

…And Future

The same holds for scientists, agnostics, atheists, and other people of no religious affiliation. Hounded by believers of all kinds for not subscribing to any dogma, they may just as well let the bloodhounds howl, while keeping themselves busy, tending to what they believe in without worrying about pleasing any denomination, branch or sect. All they need do is apply their faith in facts and data with enthusiastic reserve and respect, letting the results speak for themselves.

Necessity and imagination will do the rest.

Amen! Amin! Amina! Om! QED!

Progress, it seems, requires both conviction and results. It hinges on whatever makes things work. Each person writes his or her own history, keeping the story going. Together we devise the greater plot, braving time’s ongoing current.