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The Dispossessed Majority


Democracy and the free market are tricky affairs. Majorities have the moral right to be wrong, which is perfectly acceptable in political and social terms, but kind of problematic for intelligent life. In due course entropy kicks in, you see, governing the choices of the crowds, driving public opinion in every possible way, and the world ends up choosing the wrong things, the cheap things, the tasteless and harmful options available to them, shaping reality for everyone under the sun. What the market provides next, what food is produced and distributed, what TV show is produced and broadcasted, what everyone considers good parenting, what people consider a good choice, everything, without exception, is governed by the power of the dispossessed majority.

If they don’t know shit, this dispossessed majority — if they love McDonalds and sugar in processed food, or Cop Shows and Beyonce’s/Bieber’s great lyrics, then that’s what the market provides. You don’t like sugar in your food, Cop Shows, or Beyonce’s/Bieber’s lyrics? Too bad for you. This is the world you get to live in, constructed by theirs truly, and if you don’t like it, seek refuge in the margins of society, where quality ends up. Become an outcast, a stranger, a renegade. Become a bum, an eccentric, a geek, a freak. Become a fat cat or a rich bitch. Become unlike everyone else and be free of the burden of collective ignorance.

That’s what the power of the majority does to you after a while.

Tricky business.

Intrigued? Watch this space for more.

From the collection of writings EON: THE ANGRY COMING OF AGE