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The Consciousness Of Objects


‘Tononi’s hypothesis predicted — with a whole lot of maths — that “devices as simple as a thermostat or a photoelectric diode might have glimmers of consciousness — a subjective self”.’

An intriguing, even if mind-boggling read.

It gets better.

‘Six years later, Tegmark proposed that there are two types of matter that could be considered according to the integrated information theory. The first is ‘computronium’, which meets the requirements of the first trait of being able to store, process, and recall large amounts of information. And the second is ‘perceptronium’, which does all of the above, but in a way that forms the indivisible whole Tononi described.’

And then this.

‘”If consciousness is indeed an emergent feature of a highly integrated network, as IIT suggests, then probably all complex systems — certainly all creatures with brains — have some minimal form of consciousness,” he says. By extension, if consciousness is defined by the amount of integrated information in a system, then we may also need to move away from any form of human exceptionalism that says consciousness is exclusive to us.”‘

The refutal of human exceptionalism may be a scary prospect to many people, including scientists (science hasn’t been immune to the classic prejudices held by the major monotheistic religions i.e. more than half of the planet’s population, who believe that humanity is special and all that, that humans are the only life form that possesses consciousness, a soul etc) but the truth of the matter is that with human exceptionalism refuted, the world opens up to a plethora of possibilities, leading to a richer and dare I say more conscious state of existence.

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