When entering the Gorge, leave behind all preconceptions. Let yourself be carried off on a stream of consciousness that tickles the heavens as readily as it grinds down stone.

The Bee


Pic by Sam Droegen
Pic by Sam Droege

I have seen you in my dreams

You are the bee that powered the

universe with the buzz of its wings

You sprinkled the dark with stars and

planets and hired the wasps to patrol the

heavens and the hornets to sting the

thieving hands that sullied your work

You are the architect

The dream

The sweet lullaby at night

And I — I am the wasp who envied you

I am the shadow that came to life

in the wake of your designs

I am the hornet you envied and watched

The vision you devised

The fantasy you engineered when longing

for respite from creation’s long plight


I caught a glimpse of the

sun today and drowned in a tear

I was not alone

History was down there

tossing and turning in the whitewaters of fear

I caught a whiff of fresh air today

Spontaneously combusted

Pleasantly surprised

The spirit burst forth to power the blaze

of my lambasted veneer

I heard the song of a lake today

Pierced it with my spear

The water heaved


It rose up to observe me

The day was calm, its voice clear