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Roused By Fear Of A Blank Planet

This album was responsible for lifting me from the dumps eleven years ago. It was a hard time then, a period when the proof was in how everything was collapsing. Positive lit didn’t work, it sounded like hogwash, pap we regurgitate in the face of reality to make ourselves feel good, to make believe life wasn’t as bad as it was.

Only this kind of album — rough, depressive, sharp as nails — could resonate with me. Its truth, inconvenient and unlaminated, shone. The feeling that others were going through the same dark motions, to each their own, sharing their narratives to show that we are not alone was an uplift.

A lot of my writing has been influenced by this album. Porcupine Tree are a phenomenon, perhaps too alternative and dark to make the charts year after year, but their work endures.

The real-reaction by these two awesome dudes to this song brings it all back.


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