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Religion, Dickheads, And Assholes

I came across this image the other day on Facebook. I couldn’t help sharing it.

Pretty apt, isn’t it?

It doesn’t end there. A friend of mine made a comment on it: So I guess religious leaders are dickheads?

They are indeed. Not leaders, but zealots, bigots, and anyone who imposes his or her religious beliefs on others by force.

It got me thinking. Zealots and bigots are not just dickheads. They’re also assholes.

On that logic…


it’s ok to have one

it’s ok to operate it


do not tend to it in public

do not put it in people’s faces

let the crap flow out of it regularly, in private

let wind pass through it, in private

make sure it remains clean.

Have a good day.


  1. georgen

    On one side you are encouraged to spread the word. In some countries the 6am bells and 5am loudspeakers become your daily alarm. In other countries they knock on your door, or stop you in the middle of the street to give you a leaflet. On facebook every other post is either about Christ or his mother.

    On the other side of things science gets the stick, doesn’t get heard and the majority of scientists and their possibly life saving and world changing research are not well paid or underfunded or just dusted under a doormat.

    While all of this is happening there’s someone at the top holding all the money – quit frankly religious institutions are in the lead. It’s high time those corporate capitalist misers start investing in life saving research and show the world that there is some good without religion.

  2. sampson

    I think it’s high time for some much-needed common sense again.

  3. Martina Mercer

    Nicolas – you’re right, as both are a good excuse to get down on your knees!

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