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Prejudice Starts Early


The girls are looking at the boys’ pics on Facebook, giggling.

’Look at this one,’ says Mia.

She points at one where Neo and Ty are screaming at the camera.

’Cool,’ says Lin.

She points at another one. The boys are chugging two beers.

’Awesome,’ says Mia.

‘This one here, look!’

The boys are hustling. Ty has just shoved Neo — eyes wide open, Neo’s tripping over — Neo’s rolling on the floor — Neo’s laughing — Ty screaming at the camera, arms high, fists clenched.

‘They’re so cute!’

The girls continue clicking through the boys’ photo album.

‘Wait a minute,’ says Lin. ‘Who’s taking the pictures?’

‘Don’t know.’

They fidget in their seats, click through more pictures.

The boys are leaning toward the camera, their hands outstretched.


‘With a timer?’

The girls look at each other with furrowed faces and then click through the rest of the album. The boys are sitting on the couch, looking at the camera, making faces at it. Ty is pointing at the camera with Neo laughing his head off. Their shoulders are touching, Neo leaning slightly in on Ty.

‘Ew!’ says Lin.

‘Lame movie. Rated G. A. Y!’

They laugh intensely and get out their smart phones and start playing Angry Birds: Halloween. Neo and Ty no longer on their minds.

The moral of the story? Prejudice starts early, and not all of it is initiated by jocks and dick heads.

From your zinging Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, mind sharp.