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Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones — An Interview That Makes me Think ‘Watch Out!’

NBC’s Megyn Kelly conducted an interview with the deranged Alex Jones, founder / host of Info wars. On first look, her piece looks good. She exposes Jones for what he’s done (aggressive) while giving him a chance to come clean (open).

And guess what? He doesn’t. Jones tries to save face, working so many angles he seems to lose track of his own thought process. (Granted, that may be a result of Kelly’s editing, making him look incoherent, but he does lose track of point after point, unable to defend them while trying to stick by the range of crazy things he’s desperate to hold on to). He gets caught out time and again — how couldn’t he? — and then gets upset about it, blaming everyone but himself and his operation. He tries to have his cake and eat it too, being all I-said-it-but-I-didn’t-mean-it-like-that-although-I-may-have-meant-it-like-that blah blah. He shows himself up, period, all on account of a well-crafted interview that managed to trap the slippery aspects of Jones’ agenda.

But this doesn’t prove anything other than Alex Jones is a maniac unable to come to terms with the flagrancy behind his whole approach and the pain he’s causing to so many people, and the damage he’s inflicting on the USA and beyond. The fact that he is promoting a psychotic agenda based on off-the-cuff-hearsay and breaking-bad rambling doesn’t mean that Megyn Kelly and the network she represents, or the mainstream media at large, have your best interests at heart. They don’t. It doesn’t mean they don’t engage in systematic misinformation themselves. They’re just better at covering their tracks, and also very good at purging those people or departments that are caught out. They know how to issue an apology. Whether they mean it or not is another story.

Alex Jones is a full-blown hate-spewing machine operating on the premise of tell a thousand fibs on the backdrop of five controversial truths and 995 half-truths and lies — mix them all up — serve them like Everclear punch at a greek party — let the place to apeshit. He needs to be exposed for what he’s doing, more so now that he has the ear of Donald Trump.

But his detractors, and all responsible and self-respecting citizens, have one duty: beware of bullshit, wherever it may come from. Everyone has an agenda, everyone has vested interests, and there is no such thing as a purely objective point of view. Postmodernism was right on this one. It’s all about the interpretation; history changes according to who’s writing it, or rewriting it; there is only point of view.

But there are also facts. Things that can be verified and, in time, shown in a light that brings out information rather than blatant misinformation, propaganda etc. Something in touch with what is happening rather than some off-the-wall, bat-crazy outburst.

That is metamodernism talking, bringing back an element of ‘truth’ and ‘objectivity’ in life. Reintroducing fact and cross-examination to the mix. Engaging in and pluralist interpretation, offering more than one answers in a way that reinforces our perception of things. The triangulated perspective that provides sharper answers, not louder ones. Something the world is in dire need of now that the shady side of postmodermism has made its move.

Kudos to Megyn Kelly for her well-crafted, hard-slamming interview of Alex Jones, though I will be watching out for more details — anything that plays into a different kind of agenda I may have missed, such as Kelly’s clearly opportunistic streak, her shape-shifting qualities, the network she works for — while watching out for more trash by the maniac himself, AJ, and his newest fan, the DT, and their hateful entourages.

Part 2 to follow

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