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In The Long Formula Of Being


All the world you see, about which religions have been formulated and sagas have been conjured and myths have been generated and wars have been fought and tears have been shed and dreams have been pursued in a long series of battles against the unknown — everything is contained in a tiny sphere of space that rotates within a galaxy, which rotates in space among billions of other galaxies, separated by dark matter, consisting an entire physical constituting a cosmos into which only sophisticated apparatus can tap, and even then it’s by proxy, their existence subject to the whims and capabilities of your projected perception.

So next time you’re convinced you can predict everything, that you know everything there is to know, that you’ve seen and heard everything there is to understand, keep in mind there’s a whole lot more out there you have no clue about. Remember the galaxies beyond your immediate vision, and the ones beyond that, all the worlds you cannot access, all the things you cannot see, and remind yourself that life is a series of fractal expressions, repeated functions and derivatives of a cascading nature, of which you are but an iteration in the long formula of being.

From the bays of Pearl Coast,

Fish a ton of oysters, strike a shiny pearl.