Feeling agitated or adventurous? Enter Tornado Country to witness the fury of Spin Doctor as he analyses the ins and outs of the modern world, tears down old preconceptions, and glimpses into history with an eye on the future.

Follow The Climate


‘It all trails back to Energy and Climate Change …’

Not in shock. Very unhappy, but not in shock.

Number One issue: Energy and Climate Change. Everything else derives from it — the wars in the Middle East, the rise of petty tyrants across the world, the cheap palm oil that makes all the fast food tasty and competitive, expanding business as usual, leading to ill health and poor health systems, decimated rain forests and ill-planned economic models, droughts and floods that lead to loss of life and migration on a reflexive scale, an unplanned, unmanageable, unsustainable model that destabilizes entire regions and countries even further, leading to the rise of populism and extremism on platforms of bigotry and lies.

It all trails back to Energy and Climate Change.

Follow the weather and you begin to trace out the problem. Follow the climate.

Everything else is derivative.

From your sign-observing and undistracted Spin Doctor,

Eyes open, stay focused.