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David O. Russell Hustles It Out And Loses Out To Scorsese, Tarantino And McQueen

After having watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 the other day, it dawned on me that David O. Russell is trying to pull a Scorsese-meets-Tarantino stunt.

His latest movie, American Hustle, is an attempt to either marry the two styles together, or to tightrope somewhere in between.

He sucks on both counts. He mimics but doesn’t pull off. He yanks but doesn’t jangle. He tugs and jerks but doesn’t climax.

The reasons are two. The first reason is that he doesn’t have it in him. His style is best suited for the more straightforward-cum-slightly-quirky story lines of Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter, with their dysfunctional families and their constant arguing and bickering and the snappy dialog and ego bruising that go with it.

Not that it’s bad. He’s very good at that type of movies. They were both entertaining, endearing and well-executed.

He should stick to them.

The second reason Russell’s latest movie sucks is that he doesn’t command the necessary skills to pull off colorful epics a la Tarantino and Scorsese.

Tarantino at his best had outrageous characters, ingenious editing and stupendous soundtracks going for him.

Russell has caricatures, a couple of scissors and a 70′s tape made by his uncle’s sister-in-law.

Scorsese created epics that sucked you in and wouldn’t let go until they had punched every bag in your head and tested every emotional wall in your soul, while keeping their fun and cool.

Russell’s American Hustle is, well, nothing more than a hustle.

I guess it’s back to the old play book for Russell. Though the audience doesn’t seem to agree. They seem to like his latest yank-prank.

And the mediocrity rises in the wake of the giants, as midgets stand on the audience’s fallen standards, screaming ‘I’m the king of the modern epics.’

PS – Director of the year and new rising star: Steve McQueen. A talent with vision.

A director with the ability to play into his strengths, cranking it up a notch with every movie, telling solid, challenging, emotionally-compelling stories.